My first post!

I've been putting this off for some time now, but here goes…..

Thought I'd start with a recent (late fall) photo shoot with a family of four that ended up being a joy to work with. They were looking for outdoor photos in an area of conservation land that I was familiar with. I new that some trees there held great late-season color, and hoped to use the low afternoon sun as a warm backlight. A few days before the shoot I used a really simple but effective (and free!) online app called This app showed me the sun's position relative to the trails we were planning to use during the shoot. It worked like a charm…highly recommended.


As planned, most of the shots were of the two children, 9 and 11. They were completely comfortable and natural with a camera pointed at them, and made my job a blast!  BTW, I used a Canon 5DIII with 24-70 and 70-200. A 40" gold reflector added fill for some of the shots.

Here are a few of the photos….